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Thread: Question post ITA submission of documents

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    Default Question post ITA submission of documents

    Hi can anyone enlighten ne because I have already submitted my documents required and been received by INZ last 1.9.16. So my question is I havent received any call for the past 2 months and last 2.11.16 I went to one of their branches in Manukau and they told me I am not allocated yet. But one of my collegues with the same job and status as I am was already approved residency and they where selected later than I am by a month. So is there any criteria why it is not done systematically? "1st come first served" Is it alright if I question them how come those who where selected after me and passed requirements after me got processed first? Thank you.

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    No, it's not all right. Your two applications are among THOUSANDS proceeding through the workings of a huge government bureaucracy - they're not side by side in a two-horse race. There is not just ONE system within INZ. So (annoyingly for you, admittedly) the fact that there has apparently been some hitch in the system your case followed, which there wasn't for your colleague, is by no means a sign of unfair operation. Besides all that, making an application for a visa is a REQUEST to a foreign government for favourable consideration, and no kind of right.

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