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Thread: Citizenship/passport for a child

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    Default Citizenship/passport for a child

    Hoping that somebody might have been in a similar situation and be able to help me...

    I am a UK citizen here on a work visa, my partner is a Fijian citizen but a NZ permanent resident. Our child is due in March, we will give birth in NZ then we intend to fly to the UK in June for at least a year before potentially returning to NZ.

    As my partner is a NZ permanent resident the child will automatically become a NZ citizen and we will apply for a NZ passport for him/her.

    We also want a British passport for the child too and I think should be able to apply for one from New Zealand as long as I send my birth certificate and other documentation with the application?

    If we're not able to apply for a British passport from NZ would we have to get a visa for the child to go to the UK?

    Will the child get dual-citizenship automatically or will we have to apply for that once in the UK?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default These threads have some answers and some useful links for checking the up-to-date details.

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