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    So I know this question gets asked alot but I am having trouble finding an answer that fits my situation.

    I am wondering about cost of living in Auckland(Preferably the suburbs or somewhere within a reasonable commute time).

    I have been looking around on the various job boards and most of the jobs that I qualify for pay between 40k - 55k a year. I was just curious, for a single person, is that enough? Most posts I see are asking for families and the like and jobs with a much higher salary. I don't have an extravagant lifestyle by any means, I live pretty modestly. Most calculators that I have come across don't take into consideration rent/mortgage. Here in the US(Michigan specifically) it is actually currently cheaper in most cases to take out a mortgage to buy a home than to rent an apartment. Is that the case in NZ? I'm a long ways from moving of course, just in the applying for jobs state, but if I do accept a job, I wanna make sure I will be making enough to survive.

    I would like to bring my dog with me if I do immigrate(I know there is extra cost to bring him here and he is not on the breed restriction list) but if I do rent, I would need a place that allows dogs(Which from what I see on TradeMe, there are not alot of options there, any suggestions?).

    Any and all suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.


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    Could you do it, yes. Would you want to, only you can answer that.

    Finding a place to live on 40k - 55k with a dog that doesn't cripple you will be a challenge.

    $50k is $795/week... you need to do the math, do a mock shop on, check out rent, mobile, transport, entertainment, etc. costs online and make a projected budget.

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