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Thread: anyone have any vacation tips? im new here...

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    Default anyone have any vacation tips? im new here...

    hey guys, im new to the site, however i plan on spending about 2 weeks in new zealand in mid December through early january and on a budget.. i would like to see as much of both islands as possible. plan on flying into auckland then getting as far north as possible as fast as possible then just kind of work my way down. ive never been, but ive been reading hitchhiking is a great way to get around or i thought about possibly buying a bike for some of the trip and staying in hostels. anyways im wanting to know if anyone has any tips for traveling and places to stay for those on a budget and eating out semms to be expensive there so food ideas are welcome.. basically any tips or ideas for someone exploring the islands on a budget are more than welcome!! also what all to do there? any clubs or anything?
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