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    I'm freaking out right now. About 5 weeks down the line the medical assessor has asked for a document from my GP or psychiatrist with my mental health history. I suffer from depression (on/off for 10 years) and although it is now managed through antidepressants, about 3-4 months ago I did, for the first time ever, have suicidal thoughts, which I told my doctor about. So this is bound to be on the report my GP provides.

    My wife (a Kiwi) and our 2 children travel tonight. I know we shouldn't have booked our flights without my visa but we were worried about price increases approaching Xmas. We have already cancelled and rebooked once, so we don't want to do it again (obviously I'll have to).

    Ironically we wanted to leave London to try and live a slower pace of life, and hopefully end my depression for good, but I'm now so worried I'll be declined entry.

    Is there a possibility they can split up our family like this? If they did, what action can I take?

    If anyone has had a similar experience please please feedback.

    To confirm my depression is now well managed. I have never been hospitalised because of it. I have never self harmed, and I have always held down jobs and supported my family. It's another irony that they need me there to support them!


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    In your place, I would go and talk the situation through with your doctor. There are likely to be ways of expressing things that won't cause difficulties.

    It's absolutely normal for the MA to require a doctor's report for any condition, so they understand the person's state of health - it's not specially for you, or specially for mental illness. Your doctor will be telling them that your depression is managed and well under control, as you said in your last paragraph.

    Please don't go thinking the worst. There is no need for that. Deal with each step as it comes.

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