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Thread: Waiting for visitor visa

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    Default Waiting for visitor visa

    Hello. Am australian citizen and my wife is indian citizen who is living with me in aus on partner visa. We planned to visit NZ for 14 days cruise holiday and applied for a visitor visa for her on 28 oct via paper application in sydney.

    We havent heard anything back yet. Its 21st day today. Also spoke with immigration team in NZ however they just advised to wait. Am worried as we have paid for the trip already and is on 7 dec.

    Did anyone else have similar experience ? Does ot normally take this long to process visitor visa and they take this long to make first contact ? Really worried.

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    If INZ have said it's okay, and to wait, then it should be all right.

    INZ timings are necessarily just their best guess, so not to hear by the published probable timing is perfectly normal.

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