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Thread: How Long Time can a CO Make the Decision?

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    Lightbulb How Long Time can a CO Make the Decision?

    Hi Folks,

    I have submitted all the materials to INZ according to my ITA last month. And I'm currently waiting for CO for already 1 month (3 more months to wait according to INZ Email reply). May I know around how long time do I need to wait for to get the final decision after CO allocated? I mean from CO allocation to final decision, maybe add the so called unforeseeable NSC checking time. It matters to me because I will change my job if I need to wait for very long time, like several months or half a year, or even more.

    Here is my background. I have EOI 140 points (detail in below) with 10 points LTSSL Work Experience.

    Area Points Claimed
    Age 30
    Qualifications 60
    LTSSL Qualification 10
    Work Experience 10
    LTSSL Work Experience 10
    Partnerís Qualification 20
    Total Points 140

    If now, I change my job to another area (might be not skilled, or other totally different skilled job) or even resign and have several months rest at home. Will it affect my application result?

    So, to sum up, I have some choices.

    1. Stay in current company and wait for final decision
    (Advantage: Senior job title in core department of a famous company
    Disadvantages: No perfectly matched job in NZ & not a English speaking working environment)

    2. Resign and find a job in the direction that matches NZ market
    (Advantages: Accumulate perfectly relate experience to find job in NZ & English got practiced
    Disadvantages: Restart again with title degraded and salary decreased [INZ recently cared salary a lot, right?][And I need to explain why do I change to this lower level and lower salary job, right?])

    3. Resign and find an English speaking job
    (Advantage: Practice English only)

    4. Resign at home
    (Advantages: Self learning and make full preparation for NZ
    Disadvantage: Will my case be just rejected because I have no job currently? Or maybe too many suspicion for this action, and it's hard to explain to INZ?)

    So guys, which one do you think is the best for me? Please enlighten me.

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    No NZ experience. Working outside NZ currently.

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