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Thread: Insurance renewals

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    Default Insurance renewals

    Hi guys. You know how it goes:

    You sign up with the best quote for your home. Then the multi-policy discount means it's the best quote for your car, so you add a car policy 3m later, and another car policy 3m after that. That means your renewals are staggered, and when it comes time to renew, none of the other companies can give you a competitive quote because they can't give you a multi-policy discount.

    Anyone figured out what to do, or do kiwis just let their policies automatically renew until they move/sell the car/etc?

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    We review our insurances every year to find out what others are offering and also make any changes to our needs. May take some time but like the car insurance, I managed to shave half the cost with a different company. So yeah totally worth reviewing it.

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