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Thread: Partner of a student work visa

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    My boyfriend recently got accepted to study at the university of Otago, in Dunedin for three years. We live in the U.S., are 25 years old and have been in a de facto relationship for two years and I plan on applying for the partner of a student work visa, so I can stay out there for the same duration. I guess after reading some of these forums I have a few questions. If anyone could help that would be great.

    I see that most of the questions on this forum are about residency and I was wondering if the same qualifications apply to other type of visas, such as do you need to be living together for 12 months, or will my visa get denied if I do not reach 100 points? From what I see on the immigration website I do not see anything saying that we need to be living together for that long. As of right now we rent-out a back house from my mom since June 2016.

    Evidence that we will be providing include:
    -the rental agreement from my mother
    -plane tickets to countries and other states we have traveled to
    -pictures with each other friends and family
    -we plan on opening a joint back account as a saving plan
    -letters sent to us, separately, to the same address
    -letters from family saying they acknowledge our relationship
    -and old text messages/Facebook conversations

    Would this amount of information be sufficient enough? And how likely is it that my visa would be accepted?

    Thank you in advance

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    INZ don't mention evidence for a set length of time for partner-sponsored temporary visas, but we know in practice that they take such applications seriously with around three months'-worth.

    For partner-sponsored visas, the ONLY evidence needed is about the partnership (apart from the health and character requirements, as for all visas). Your qualifications and work experience are irrelevant, since your visa will entirely depend on the relationship with your partner. See old threads in case any other ideas and discussion are useful.

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