Hi all,

So I have read a number of forums here about the partner visa and the importance of living together.
Background: I am a NZ citizen and meet my partner 2.5 years ago when we were studying in Europe. Our issue is that we have never lived together. We were at the same uni in the Netherlands living in separate rooms in student accommodation then she has lived at home in Spain and we commuted to see each other for 6 months. I moved back to NZ 8 months ago, she has been here four times to visit me. I have no issues proving we are in a committed relationship and plan on proposing to her once we have been together in NZ.

Now the issue is how can we live together if she can't get a visa to NZ. Spain has limited working holiday visas which are difficult to get.

It seems to me possibly the only way would be for her to come over for 3 months on holiday. We live together over that period and then we apply for a partner visa. But that seem very difficult and rather like it may have issues.

Does anyone on here have any ideas about how we could work this out.

Thanks a lot