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Thread: Safest Auckland areas for future re earthquakes and volcanoes

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    Default Safest Auckland areas for future re earthquakes and volcanoes

    My better half is really concerned about natural disasters and especially Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Fires.
    We are moving soon to NZ and almost definitely going to live in the Auckland area (at least within 100km of the Intl airport anyway).
    Our dream is to find a nice house or location to build a nice house which could become our ‘family’ house for generations.
    So we would like to look in the areas which are likely to have the least amount of risk from those mentioned. (I keep telling her that she not worry about the volcanoes- it is the killer kiwi birds and the crocodiles we should worry about!).
    Re Tsunamis she obviously does not want to live too close to a beach or sea level etc.
    Re earthquakes my research shows that the Auckland area does not seem to be too bad for fault compared to many other areas in NZ such as Wellington.
    But I am having difficulty finding out about risks of Volcanoes.

    Does anyone have any information or links to articles about this etc??

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    To the best of my knowledge (and I lived in Auckland for quite a few years) Auckland is actually built on quite a few dormant (not extinct) volcanoes. So I guess the risk is there, but I think it is minimal. Auckland is not directly on a fault line so doesn't get earthquakes, unlike alot of the rest of NZ. They say Auckland is at a slight risk of tsunami - but apparantly early warning systems are in place.
    And, of course, you could walk in front of a bus tomorrow or a meteor could hit the earth and wipe out life as we know it or a bomb could go off on the Underground or....... Life really is a risk, and you do need to minimalise it but worrying about the many things that 'could' happen could lead to living a life wrapped in cotton wool. I am def not a risk taker - but am more than happy to move back to Auckland (when and if this house ever sells!!).
    Good luck convincing your OH. Tell her not to worry about the crocs - they're only a problem if you dive in with them at the zoo .


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    Default Earthquakes? Volcanoes?

    Hi y'all,

    I've known about the active geology in NZ since secondary school in UK but I have never seen or heard any reports in the news about any significant events. During my application process however one of my work colleagues has raised the same concerns about Wellington (where I shall be), specifically the earthquakes.

    I am not afraid of living in a civilized country with a minor chance of some kind of one of these events but I was wondering how common this actually was... Are minor tremors common? Is your media constantly waiting for "the big one"? Has anyone here experienced any notable activity while you have been out?

    Very curious...

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