Hi all, we currently live in Albany, north shore. There is a big possibility that the hubby will be getting a new job where he can work remotely. So we are thinking of moving to south of Auckland. We are trying to decide between New Plymouth and Tauranga. We have a 4 year old, so will be looking at schools in the next year too. I know each area has good and not so good schools. But does anyone have young kids in either of those places? Also what are the best area with in each place? Don't want to live in the centre of a busy town/city so a more rural location is preferable, but we only have one child so needs to be near enough to activities. She does love the beach/sea. we will of course take a trip down there but any insights will be welcome. Also any recommendations for kindles and schools would be great. I have found a handful of great preschools in Tauranga's but no idea about New Plymouth.