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Thread: Apply indefinite PR for my son

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    Default Apply indefinite PR for my son

    Hi All ,

    I need a small information , I , my wife and my first son are a indefinite PR of NZ and we are presently in India came for a person reason and planned to visit NZ by mid next year and my wife delivered a baby boy 2 week back here in India and the question is

    How do i apply indefinite PR for my second son ?? what are the documents required ??

    Any help will be really appreciated

    Many Thanks

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    In the first place, to take your new son back to NZ with you, you need to see here.

    In the long term, once you will be settled in NZ to live again, you can use this visa. I don't see any way you can apply directly for PR for him, and, as you will see from the regulations, you will need to be living in NZ again to sponsor him for Residence.

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