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Thread: Would be it be easier to find work outside of Auckland?

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    Default Would be it be easier to find work outside of Auckland?

    Hi guys,

    I am considering making a move to another town ( which one I don't know, maybe tauranga or hamilton) from Auckland. I always struggled to find work here and I really want to do any office or bank job as I finished a business diploma. So I am not even looking for a very skilled position, just anything in the office really. But I dont have any experience with it. Would it be easier to find work in smaller towns rather than in Auckland? Have you had a similiar experince? What town would you recommend in the north island? How is life in Hamilton or Tautanga in general?

    Thank you!!

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    There r generally more jobs available in Auckland than out of it. Besides Auckland is the financial centre, so it will be here if you are looking for financial related jobs. If you have problem getting a job, you might want to go through other channels instead. Like talking to recruiters directly, talking to HR in companies that you are keen to apply to even if there is no job vacancies, connect around outside your current circles with locals or other kiwis who may have contacts here and there that could help.

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