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Thread: Canadian with Engineering offer in New Plymouth, NZ ($60K a year)

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    Default Canadian with Engineering offer in New Plymouth, NZ ($60K a year)

    Hi, there

    Im a 29 year old civil engineer from Canada who has recently gotten a job offer to work in New Plymouth, NZ in Taranaki. New Plymouth seems relatively
    affordable, but still very expensive. Also, I dont think 60000 is enough money so im thinking of renegotiating for 70000 NZ. Any thoughts or Canadian expats on here living in New Plymouth?

    It seems like a pretty chill place, but also expensive and isolated so I want to do some further research before making a final decision. I think visiting NZ might be easier than relocating for work, but hey worth a shot for a while as well

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    Seems abit low for a Civil Engineer. However having said that, I suppose you are fresh out of university or just 1-2 years work experience? Then it's about there. A little more experience 3-5years will net you about 80-100K. And more if experience is greater than 5 years to about 120K.

    Taranaki is a nice place though to live and work though. The lower pay could also be because it is out of the city area. If you try similar applications in Auckland, you might get higher pay. But you also have to contend with higher rentals and house prices.

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