This is my first post, and I am new to the idea of moving from Raleigh, North Carolina USA to New Zealand. But the more I read about the opportunities in NZ, the more I am becoming convinced that the move is necessary for me and my 7 year old son.

I have held several types of job positions, but I have been in the Auto Claims and Auto Dealership Accounting fields for most of my adult life. I am not set in those roles, and am completely open to administration / office work.

Is there anyone on this board who has made the jump from the USA to NZ in a similar field?

Thank you, in advance, for any replies. Since we are celebrating Christmas here in the USA, I may not see your replies as timely as I would normally. Also, many thanks to the creator(s) of this forum. You're helping me take the first step at trying to make a better life for my son.


D. Ratte'