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Thread: Rookie Questions: Partnership Work Visa (Temporary)

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    Question Rookie Questions: Partnership Work Visa (Temporary)

    Hi all,

    My name is Melany and I am new to this forum (very grateful I came across this forum - even reading the thread is very helpful ).


    I am from Indonesia engaged to a Kiwi Partner and about to apply for partnership based work visa. I am quite anxious about the visa process for three of reasons:

    1. We have not lived in the same country for more than one month
    We met in May 2016 in Wellington when I am on business visit (I am working for NZ Government but based offshore), where we decided to start a long distance relationship. Since then we have met 4 times:
    - He came to Jakarta for 1 week (met my family and friends) on July 2016
    - I came to Wellington and stayed with him for 3.5 weeks on September 2016, during which we had a joint tenancy agreement for the house we are staying in together Wellington
    - We had holiday together in Philippine for 1.5 week on November 2016
    - I stay in Wellington for Christmas, arriving 16 December 2016 and will leave on 11 January 2017 back to Indonesia
    I can travel to Wellington because my work is quite flexible with me working remotely, and my headquarter office is in Wellington anyway - so I can have some networking with clients and colleague while in Wellington.
    He proposed on 27th December 2016 and we are now engaged

    2. I have submitted Skilled Migrant Residency EOI online on 6th October 2016 and have not had any form of feedback or reply, and no ITA
    The submission and payment done on 6th October. I have 140 points but I do not have job offer

    3. We are hoping that I can get work visa by end of February
    I am currently in last stage of 2 job applications with my company in Wellington. My partner and I are also planning to buy a house together and has been approved for mortgage (home loan) by two banks in NZ.


    I have some rookie questions - would appreciate if any of you has any feedback/input:
    • Does it make sense to apply for Partnership Based Temporary Visa with our situation? (note: documentation that we have collected listed below)
    • Would it be useful to use an immigration advisor in building a stronger argument considering that we have not lived in the same country for more than one month?
    • We had initial consult with 2 different immigration advisors. One advisor suggested launching an application in New Zealand before I left on 11th Jan. Another advisor told me to launch it offshore in Indonesia as that is my genuine residence as of this moment. Would any of you have any experience of which option is better?

    Documentation that we have:
    - Joint tenancy agreement since 1 September 2016
    - Correspondence to our address: Bank sending letter to my partner and me (separately) to our NZ home address
    - Joint bank account with 2 banks in NZ
    - Evidence of money transfer for joint purchases and rent
    - Home loan application with 2 banks - already pre-approved by one of them
    - Ticket stubs and photos of all our travels to meet (him to Jakarta, and me twice to Wellington and our holiday to manila)
    - Skype logs (more than 200 hours conversation), whatsapp transcript (500 pages) when we are in living apart
    - 6 reference letters from our families and employers
    - Engagement ring receipt and social media announcement (FB announcement of our engagement, etc)
    - My e-medical with no medical problems

    Thank you in advance for answering my questions or any feedback. I really really appreciate it.

    With thanks

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    2. Your application for residence under SMC should be all right with the 140 points and no job offer, because the change in regulations (to 160 points with job offer) only came into force on 12th October, just after your lodgement. In your place, I would query the fact that you have not yet received your ITA, just in case anything has gone astray.

    1. Sorry to say what you are not going to want to hear. You are very unlikely to get any visa of the partner-sponsored kind yet, because you do not yet have enough evidence of having lived in a settled home together. We know from experience that INZ take applications seriously with two to three months' GOOD evidence. For INZ, partnership IS living together - holidays and visits don't count. With the partnership visas not requiring evidence of qualifications or work experience, they are the most targeted by fraudsters, so they are all extremely carefully checked. In that situation, INZ cannot rely on how people say they feel - that would be like judging a creative writing competition - so they will only take notice of solid, checkable evidence of the couple's behaviour, with sharing a home being at the core of this.

    So 3. This is very unlikely to happen on the basis of partner-sponsorship. If you get the offer of a skilled job, so you qualify for a work visa in your own right, then it's possible (though it may take a little longer).

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