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Thread: Dental Assistants??

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    Default Dental Assistants??

    Hello everybody!

    Iím a new member from Shrewsbury, UK and would like to comment on what a brilliant forum youíve got going here. Have been checking in quite often recently and am amazed at how much essential info there is here.
    My wife and I spent six wonderful months backpacking in New Zealand in 1998 and have dreamed of returning one day. This now looks like a genuine possibility for us later this year.
    Noticed on the immediate skills shortage list on the site that pretty much all of NZ is in need of Dental Assistants which are unskilled but with at least two years experience. Can anybody here confirm this? It seems a bit too good to be true! My wife has worked as a dental nurse for three years and would love the opportunity to work in Wellington. Would it be possible for her to search for work and be offered a position whilst on a six or extended nine month tourist visa? I understand that you cannot work on a tourist visa but could she possibly change the visa without leaving the country if she was offered a position?
    Can anybody help?
    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Simon

    Welcome to the forum

    How many points do you have already?

    This thread relates to IT jobs but the rules are the same. Gives some idea of time scales and some good advice by do be brief!

    You have to have a return ticket out of here, I'm not sure how you tackle that one at immigration as we came the PR way. But someone with more knowledge than me will answer that I'm sure.

    Hope that helps.


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    Hi Simon and welcome!
    Sorry, again no help on the dental assistant front, but wanted to wish you all the best on this voyage.
    I'm sure someone on here will know something

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    Hi there ,

    we are hoping to emigrate via the family route this year . I am a uk qualified dental nurse & while I was in NZ 2004 & 2005 I did a bit of poking around about dental assistants , The thing that most struck me was how badly thought of dental assistants seemed to be - here in the UK its not a bad job with lots of continuing development availiable & registration becomming compulsary this year . I was amazed to see it on the skills shortage list especially with no formal qualification needed . We are hoping to head to Christchurch & I have to admit that most of the dental assistant vacancies that i enquired about were offering a similar salary in dollars to what I currently earn in pounds - eeeeekkk !!!

    good luck


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