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Thread: Can I rent with two cats?

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    Default Can I rent with two cats?

    I'm moving in September to Wellington and looking to rent a holiday letting for around 6 weeks while we look for a proper rental property BUT we have two cats (clearly well behaved, house trained etc) but I've been told no one will take me (by one owner of a holiday let). Did anyone else manage to find anywhere that did house them (we are a couple and a three year old with two cats) and if so, could you let me know where and possibly who, as it may be vacant when we come over and can use the same place? If not, how did everyone get around it?

    Ideally we'd have a temp holiday letting which is in the Kapiti Coast and then find somewhere to rent long term there afterwards. I've already started on the cats' rabies jabs and everything and leaving them behind isn't an option so what have other people done? I'm not keen on leaving them in the cattery for longer than their 10 day quarantine either...


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    You could try Airbnb. If you tick Pets Allowed under filters that seems to give a few results in Wellington.

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