Hi all. I'm married to a kiwi and we are making the move from Brighton UK to Wellington in September this year. We have a two year old boy and two cat and are looking to maybe settle in the Kapiti area. Anyway, does anyone know whether there is much insurance work in Wellington? I'm sure there is more there than in Tauranga (which is where I'd like to move to) but he's dead set on Wellington as he thinks there won't be work in Tauranga. Does anyone have any experience in the insurance industry to shed any light? He basically has a portfolio of business clients and handles their accounts turnover 1million and over. He travels a lot at the mo all over the UK and does a lot of client facing meetings as that's part of the personal service his company offer, so he is used to entertaining and going to corporate events etc.

I want to put the feelers out now because I'd love to hit up Bay of Plenty but I've got a feeling unless I can give him the info he wants to hear, we are going to Wellington!

Thanks in advance for any advice.