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Thread: Childcare Prices with ECE

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    Default Childcare Prices with ECE

    Hi, there.

    I have a question regarding childcare costs in Auckland. I'm looking for a daycare for my younger kid (3 years old).

    Every place I've been at is charging around $160 - $180 per week, ECE included. Considering three days of attendance, I managed to get around $50 per day.

    I was wondering if these costs are realistic, given that, for 3 days, I would only be paying for 3 extra hours (6 ECE per day + 1 extra).

    When my first kid attended a daycare, he was completely covered by the ECE funding and I had to pay a donation of around $20 per week.

    I would be really grateful for any information.

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    Hi emaino

    It does seem a little expensive, but also in line if you are looking for full day care. I would think you should be able to find something cheaper, something like $35/40 per day extra - but unfortunately it is still expensive. If possible, it's potentially more worth your while to do kindergarten and have one parent only work part time. This is not always possible, but its worth a consideration if its a possibility for you.

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