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    Default New Zealand internet very good :-)

    Hey Nms

    You have quite a few options.

    1 option is to search for a Wifi free or paid in your apartment. They propably provide a public Wifi at your serviced apartment

    Option 2. Get a Data package from one of the Cell phone companies3 as others have suggested. 2degrees, vodafone, spark or skinny

    Option 3.) Ask you neighbor even pay them something for the respect to use their Wifi for a while or even run a cable to you neighbours house

    Option 4.) Get adsl or fibre to the apartment as fast as you want really.

    Option 5. ) Go to a public Wifi hotspot i.e. Library , Mcdonalds, Starbucks

    Option 6. ) Satelite: If your really wanting independence NZ has Saterlight internet provider but are expensive.

    Option 7.) My preferred: Setup a Remote computer such as Google Cloud or any VPS which is a computer in the cloud - you remote into for a small monthly payment something like 5 dollars a month. Most common will be a Windows PC setup in the cloud which you then setup with all your software and upload your documents to to work on. This is the fastest way of working on highly intensive computer work with massive demands on internet bandwith

    You then remote to this from an average wifi connection from anywhere and get the full speed of fibre surfing and the peace of mind of being able to loose your laptop and connect to your PC in the cloud from anywhere and any computer with your work always in the same previous state.
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