Hi i am new into this forum and seeking some advice.
I had my medical done for job search visa in Nov,28 2016. I found out that my results were abnormal. Here are the abnormalities.
MCV AND MCH on lower side.
Another problem i encountered was having high BP . I had no idea on having high BP.
I havent submitted my application for job search visa as my current visa expires on 31st March 2017.
I have started doing exercises and changed my diet, my BP is under control and even HBA1C has gone down. However Full Blood Count is not in normal range.
I want to know that since any medical is valid for 3 months. Can i go for new medical and submitted my application on basis of new medical as most of the issues have been resolved. I dont want to submit my application on old one as i fear i have got so many problem highlighted by doctor.
Should i wait for old medical to expire and then go get a new medical for job search visa or can i get a new one and submit my application on new one.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.