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Thread: Second Passport - Not Noted On Application

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    Default Second Passport - Not Noted On Application

    Hi All,

    I have a small issue in regards my Residence application...

    I have submitted all my paperwork & the application has been assigned a CO.

    The CO has contacted me & requested some additional info, which is fine, however, it has since transpired that my partner has a Swiss passport that is in date by one year; she believed it was expired. In short, will the new information have an impact on my application in regards to putting it to the back of the queue, or will it simply be looked at by the CO & approved, as with her NZ passport. This is simply an oversight & no ill intentions sought.

    My biggest worry is that I only have until April 20th to get this approved, otherwise I'm a little stuck. I have already applied for two works visas, successfully, but have read you can only have 24 months of consecutive work visas? My first work visa was issued in in July '15, so in essence I assume I have until July '17, but will I need to apply for another work visa to cover me, or is there some sort of interim visa available?

    Ultimately, my biggest concern is the revelation of the second passport will impact & halt the current application.

    Any help would be greatly received.

    Many thanks.
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