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Thread: Skills Match Report dates

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    Default Skills Match Report dates

    Good day,

    We got a skills match report for a level 4 job. According to WINZ there were no suitable applicants for the position.
    My question is: There is no date on the skills match report, only a expiration date for the report.
    Will it be a problem if the date on my job offer is earlier than the date when we got the skills match report. We only found out after the job offer was sent through that it would be classed ANZCO level 4.

    Many thanks


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    Hi I have recently applied for a work visa from Essential skill category.
    My job is categorized as a skill level 4on ansco. how ever when I applied for the visa the lodgement has failed as I havent submitted the skill match report. My employer hasnt advertised before, but they have now advertised with WINZ after I requested. So the smr report will be available in two weeks of time. But the company has advertised on trade me and seek when I was promoted as a team leader. also company has interviewed lot of applicant for team leader position. anyway Now I have to apply for the visa with the smr again.
    Anyone knows about the impact of taking smr after promoted or recruited.

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