Hi All,

We have been offered job in Dunedin. Because of our profession (Medical) we have a 6-12 month supervision period prior to getting a full medical practise license. Therefore the visa we are getting is a work visa with provision for settlement after the supervision period. That was stated by the Hospital supporting the visa application.

Our question is: most people we read on the threads have their PR visa. We do not but we are coming to NZ with the intension of settling permanently. We intend to ship everything we owned. Does that make any difference even if we do not have PR visa? Are we allow to ship our entire household stuff as if we are PRs without having to pay extra? Any restrictions to people with visa like ours? Feels silly asking this but it was not very clear to us. They just said they will support us with the shipping of our household goods. If we come to NZ with the intension of settling permanently, we would want to ship everything and leave nothing behind.

Please, any advise welcome.

Many thanks