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Thread: Which courier company is the best in NZ?

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    Question Which courier company is the best in NZ?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently operating an online business.
    The courier company I'm using now has really bad customer service - it takes forever to get an reply to my email.
    And their prices rises quite frequently.

    Does anyone know in overall which courier company in NZ has the best customer services with reasonable price for startup online business? Fastway, NZ Courier, PBT, Courier Post, Castle Parcel or Post Haste?

    I'm currently spending around $2000 per month for courier fees.

    Thank you

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    We run a mail forwarding company and have experience with most of those. Generally speaking - they are pretty bad. Just find a driver you like and service that your customers can live with (eg. signed for, 2 days delivery etc).

    Fastway - they are ok. Sometimes packages go missing to turn up a few days later. Delivery normally 2 days. Pretty decent rate for parcels interisland.
    NZ Courier - no delivery to PO Boxes which sucks. Otherwise than that pretty good as long as nothing goes wrong.
    PBT - not used.
    Courier Post - our current supplier. Our account manager is completely useless -not responding to emails or phone calls. The 0800 people are ok as long as your query is not a weird one.
    Castle Parcel - not used.
    Post Haste - ok. everything is signed for. The Auckland branch appears to be overwhelmed at the moment - seem to have problems getting reliable service up there at the moment.

    You can also check out Star Ship It - they do cost estimation, label generation. Can cut down on processing time.

    Also not on your list is Kiwi Express. I think they mainly focus on same town delivery - but everytime I've used them they have been flawless.


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    I agree, Courier post are normally pretty reliable and the added advantage of delivering to PO Boxes, which is useful for Immigration matters.

    Theor 0800 people are usually pretty good a tracking down things that go astray

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