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    Hi all, I am hoping for some help. I will be enrolling my daughter into primary school towards the end of this year. I don't know much about the school system here - we are from the UK originally and have been in NZ for a few months. I know that what ever catchment area we fall in will have to take her, but does anyone have any tips/advice. We only have one child so never had to do this before. My daughter is really into space/science (I'm aware this may change), but are there any things I should be looking at, any advice on what to ask and to look out for.

    Any advice not he decile system too - am I right in thinking that the higher the decile the better the school?


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    Deciles - no, you have the wrong impression. As you will see at this link, deciles are based on the average socio-economic background of the families of pupils, which in turn determines the level of funding supplied. This doesn't reflect the quality of the teaching. You can get some impression of the school from the reports of school inspectors. However, probably the most reliable recommendations will come if you talk to a range of parents whose children are already at the school(s) you have in mind, to hear how their children are faring. Have a look at each school's website to see what they have to say about themselves, and also do an internet search for any news items about the school and its pupils. Then you should ask to visit the school and meet some of the staff, because your own instinct is a very good guide, and you'll see how the children already there interact with the teachers and the head.

    Not all schools are zoned, so you may have some choice.

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    Agree with JandM and...
    If you know what area you will be living in when the time comes for your daughter to start school...

    contact all the schools and ask to visit explaining you are a prospective parent

    Visiting a school when it is 'open' is the best way to get a feel of the school

    Some schools may offer opportunities to visit prior to your daughter starting in a New Entrant class

    Science is taught in Primary schools - just like in England - and 'space' is one small part of the science curriculum but as you indicate your daughter's interest may well change

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