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Thread: NZQA exemption dates

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    Default NZQA exemption dates

    Hi there,

    Sorry if this has been covered, but seen many conflicting or unclear posts.
    Have a CO who requires me to take an NZQA for my qualification on grounds of not being in the exempted date.

    My understanding of the exemption table is that these show the exemption dates from (which I've highlighted in the table) and not in.

    In other words, let's say I have a BE-degree awarded in 1995 from
    Aston University.

    Looking at the table / Appendix 3 of the Ops manual: http://onlineservices.immigration.go...nual/45798.htm
    Awarding Institutions

    The following institutions may award the qualifications specified from the dates shown.

    Previous names and dates of change, and alternative institution names which may be included on the award certificate are indicated in brackets. Names and dates of institutions have been included in the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment for immigration purposes only.
    Qualifications awarded from
    Aston University (University of Aston in Birmingham 1979 - 1997) BE and ME: 1991
    BS, MS and PhD: 1979
    MP: 1982

    I would understand that all BE (and ME in this case) degrees awarded from 1991 (until 2014 as per notes) from Aston University would be exempt.

    However, the CO is telling me that is has to be awarded in 1991 to be exempt?

    It just seems odd to me that we have a bunch of universities with exempt status e.g. University of Essex (BA) from 1979 to 2011 whilst the University of Oxford can only be exempt if you got your degree in 1979.

    Not to be snobbish or anything, but I would suspect that Oxford would be more likely to have more exempt degrees than some lesser known universities..

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    I would read that chart in the same way you do.

    Incidentally, exemption isn't a judgement on the value of the awarding institution. It's a matter of the course that is mentioned having been investigated by NZQA and the content having been found to be comparable to a course that is currently running in a NZ institution. So if for some reason the NZ institution stops offering that course, any foreign qualification can suddenly be removed from the "exempt" list.

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