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Thread: Me and my dad need a motorhome/campervan asap

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    Default Me and my dad need a motorhome/campervan asap

    Hi there,

    I'll have to set up my profile later, sorry about that.

    Me and my dad are going on a roadtrip through new Zealand starting in a few days. We had everything set up and ready, but this morning he received a mail saying our motorhome has been double booked so we have to find another way. This stressed us out and we are getting desperate since his flight from Sweden is within hours from now (I am already here) and the trip won't work without it.

    We are starting and ending in Auckland. Best dates are be 5th-21st

    Anyone here able to help out? Recommendations of places to rent, someone to rent from or alternative ways. More than 160nz$ a day is out of budget. Open to anything!

    Thank you in advance everyone.

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    We used this firm and were very happy with the service. We had the van for nearly six weeks, and got a discount for that. Then, every so often, we would get a call from the boss asking if everything was okay, and if we were happy. Part way through, 'our' van got a clonking drive shaft, which didn't stop it going, just made a noise, but as soon as we mentioned it, they came and swapped it for another one. Very caring and friendly set up.

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