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Thread: DVS / HRV / Dehumidifier system for living in Christchurch?

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    Default DVS / HRV / Dehumidifier system for living in Christchurch?

    Hi there,

    We live in Christchurch and are looking at getting a ventilation system for our 3-bedroom, 2 living areas house (1960s, single glazed, 1 heat pump). Would like some advice for DVS / HRV / Dehumidifier system for those living in Christchurch! We met HRV & DVS vendors (leaning more towards the latter) but are thinking if dehumidifier would do just the trick in reducing the condensation and moisture just the same but at a much lower cost... >< thanks for your help, much appreciated!


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    A dehumidifier will certainly do the job and a much lower capital outlay however it will cost more to run run day to day. I'm not convinced you will get the investment back from an HRV style system when you sell but if you are intending to stay in your house a long time it may still be worth considering.

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    We've been running dehumidifiers in our house since moving in 7 years ago. Apparently they cost 8 times as much to run per day as a ventilation system. Although there is the lower outlay and not all houses are suitable for ventilation (sounds like yours is if you've had sales people around).

    Just yesterday I had a Smartvent system installed. They were cheaper than the other suppliers because they don't employ sales guys to do the quotes. Installers do them so they know *exactly* what can and can't be done with your system. The installation took less than 6 hours and was very efficient. It's too early to notice much effect - although we had a southerly rip through yesterday so the bedroom got quite cold at night with the cold roof space air coming in! But I'm looking forward to not needing the dehumidifiers!

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