Hi there. My partner who is a PR cannot support my temporary visa entry application as she had successfully sponsored a previous partner on a residence visa. She will be eligible to sponsor me under partnership temporary entry on November 2018.
We tried to apply for my temporary work visa twice but had been declined twice (reasons of decline were 1st was living together issue then 2nd was ineligibility to sponsor issue).
I had been in NZ for 3 years on a work visa but in between these years I was on a 12 month visitor visa while I awaited for my dad's application under SMC in 2015. I did not consume my 12 month visitor visa as I was granted an Essential skills visa after having held my visitor visa for 3 months.
I had lived with my wife in NZ for about 9 months but I left NZ 2 months ago as my essential skills hhad already expired on January 12,2017. My wife and I complied with all INZ requirements on time with Immigration Protection Tribunal, given good reasons, requested for Section 61 but were all declined. IPT acknowledged that our relationship was genuine but the stability was on question. I left NZ as I didn't want ro be served a Deportation Order and be banned for 5 years.
My wife and I got married in NZ August 2017.
How long do I need to be out of NZ before I can apply for a visitor visa? I'm confused with the Partnership Based Sponsorship form and the Temporary Sponsorship Form. My wife is not eligible to sponsor me yet but can she sponsor me to visit under natural person?