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Thread: Open Work Visa to Essential Skills Visa - Can I Keep My Job?

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    Default Open Work Visa to Essential Skills Visa - Can I Keep My Job?

    Good morning all,

    I have an open work visa based on partnership until August, but my circumstances are now such that I cannot renew this visa, so I will have to change to essential skills visa. I am currently employed in a job that I enjoy. Myself and my manager are keen to continue my employment. But because I am changing to an essential skills visa, does that mean they have to relist my job to prove they searched for Kiwi workers? Is there any way I can obtain an essential skills visa and avoid this hoop?


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    Exact requirements for the Essential Skills visa vary depending on the skill level of the job, and your own qualifications. For instance, see here. http://onlineservices.immigration.go...nual/45676.htm (and what INZ tell employers

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