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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently waiting for my work visa. I have also applied for an EOI for the SMC since I have 175 points. I just want to ask, if my resident visa under skilled migrant category has been approved and after this I get married here in NZ, can take her my wife's last name? I read that in NZ, taking the wife's last name by the husband is legally allowed. I'm originally from a country that doesn't have this legal option. So, to reiterate, can I take her last name after being granted residency or is this a right only accorded to NZ citizens?

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    Yes you can. Here's what the government says:
    You can change your own name in New Zealand if you're over 18 and a citizen or permanent resident.

    You can apply to change your name if:

    you're 18 or over, and
    you were born here or are an NZ citizen, or you're entitled to live here indefinitely (you're a permanent resident of NZ or Australia, or you're Australian)
    You don't usually need to apply for a name change if you've taken your partner's surname after marriage or a civil union, or if you want to use your birth surname (maiden name) again after a divorce.
    In New Zealand, you donít usually have to do anything special if you want to change your name after you get married or have a civil union.
    When you get married, you can:

    keep your last name
    take your husband, wife or partner's last name
    hyphenate or use a combination of both your last names. ...

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