This to me is crazy. GOt a job for one year as a doctor in New Zealand. I have a history of depression, nothing major, but I do need a med and therapy visits every now and then. Because it is for one year, I cannot access the free health care. Travel insurance won't cover it and American insurances that do cover new Zealand won't cover it because it is a "preexisting condition." I could go to New Zealand and have a breakdown requiring hospitalization and if I didn't already have the condition they would pay through the nose for it, but a few pills and therapy, no. My insurance I can't afford to keep in New Zealand. I was told by insurance brokers in New Zealand and southern cross that I can't get their private insurance because a) I am not from New Zealand and b) that pesky pre-existing condition bs. I cannot afford to pay the out of pocket costs listed, my current psychiatrist says she won't be able cover me in another country. It is enough to pardon the expression, make you crazy. Question is, how do American expats who need mental health coverage working in New Zealand for only one year, get it affordably and about how much would it cost?