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    Hi everyone. Just sharing our family's NZ journey. We emigrated to NZ in June 2012 after getting residences visas following my husband's acceptance of a job offer from the University of Canterbury. We were living in Taiwan (originally from the Philippines) prior to moving here hence the big adjustment for our family of three. Post earthquake Christchurch's housing crisis had a big impact on us, as well as the rising cost of everything. As we enter our 5th year in NZ, hardwork and perseverance prove to be the key to our successful story. This year, I will graduate with a degree in nursing. We will also move in to our brand new home and our NZ citizenship application is underway. Our NZ dream is complete, thanks to that one job offer that started it all. This website helped us a lot between 2011-2012 when we were still processing our visa application. And so may our story inspire other hopefuls like us to keep dreaming and keep believing in the NZ dream!

    Maries, Edsel and Melissa

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    Many congratulations, and thanks for the update.

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    Yay, I love it when people report back! Thanks for letting us know, and good luck moving forward!

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