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Thread: Moving to New Zealand - Health system/Concession card

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    Default Moving to New Zealand - Health system/Concession card

    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning to move to New Zealand from Australia to live with my son (who is a permanent resident). I'm over sixty and I'm eligible to receive an Australia pension in New Zealand. What I'm unsure about is whether I can receive discount medicines, healthcare and a concession card when I move to New Zealand? I would appricate any advice or links to information to help me figure this all out.

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    Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents who have migrated to New Zealand are eligible for the full range of services, provided they have or intend to stay here for at least two years. (Source - Ministry of Health)

    Concession card
    Super gold card is now combined travel, other concessions, and community services card. BUT

    Who can get a SuperGold Card?
    You are eligible to receive a SuperGold Card if you are:
    65 years or over and legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand
    under 65 years and receive the Non-Qualified Spouse or Partner rate of NZ Super or Veteran's Pension
    under 65 years and currently receive the Veteran's Pension.
    If you are not legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand, you will not qualify to receive a card.
    "Ordinarily resident" means someone who is normally and lawfully resident in New Zealand and intends to stay here. (source - supergold website).

    For prescriptions, everyone makes a copayment of $5 (not all drugs are subsidised though). Once you've paid for 20, there are no further prescription copats for subsidised medicine.

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