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Thread: Applying for Silver Fern Visa while on WHV?

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    Default Applying for Silver Fern Visa while on WHV?

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if someone can clarify/has experience in this.
    I'm going to NZ on a WHV in September, and was planning to apply for Silver Fern Visa when it opens in November 2017. However, on the requirements sheet for Silver Fern Visa it says, you can not be living in New Zealand at the time of applying. I mean WHV doesn't mean I live in New Zealand, so just a bit confused if I can apply while I am in New Zealand or not. Alternatively can I just pop over to Australia for the time being and apply from there?
    I mean the chances to get a Silver Fern Visa are tiny anyway, just want to make sure I'm would not be going against the immigration laws!


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    You definitely cannot be in NZ while applying for Silver Fern.

    For the next part of your question, this is just my guesswork, and you would need to ask INZ for a ruling. I GUESS that it wouldn't work to just pop out of the country for the day of the application, because although that part would presumably go through if you were quick on the keyboard and lucky, as soon as INZ got back to you to get your evidence, your contact details, IP address etc., would show that you were supplying this from within NZ. I'm assuming that the restriction, whatever the reason for it (which has never been explained as far as I'm aware) is on the whole process, not just on the application.

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