I think I may have confused myself reading the various forum posts, and would love some help making sure I don't screw anything up. Here's my situation:
1. Applying for Essential Skills Visa from outside NZ, with a Skill Level 1 job offer
2. I have a family of 5 and plan to complete SMC Residence Application via EOI as soon as I receive positive news on ESV

My question is how do I ensure that my family can come with me once the ESV comes through? I was reading that on other posts that if we've applied for SMC RV outside of NZ and then want to enter with my family on visitor visas (visa waiver country), that might be a flag. Do I need to submit partnership and domestic student visa apps at the same time as the ESV? It seems those have to be on paper, while ESV is electronic, right. Or, should we just wait on applying for SMC RV until we're all in NZ? Definitely don't want to do anything that raises a flag, and I also don't want my family to have to stay outside of NZ while I start new job. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you,