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Thread: Pay raise after ITA submission, CO not assigned yet

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    Default Pay raise after ITA submission, CO not assigned yet

    I submitted my file on 03 March 2017 (as received by INZ) and had a pay raise due to my performance from my organisation one month later.

    I don't have a CO yet, already my payslip shows higher pay rate (from April 2017). I wonder what I should do ... should I inform (but whom to inform)? Will this slow down my file and CO will ask for all my documents afresh?

    I normally should be happy about a pay raise ... but I am only in anxiety due to the obvious scenario.

    Any help with your suggestions please?

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    There is no need to be anxious. Just write to the same INZ office where you sent your application, quoting all your details, and when your application was lodged, giving the details of your new pay level. It will just be added to your file for the CO to see when s/he is eventually appointed to process your case. This won't slow anything down. Nobody has started verifying your evidence yet, so there is no question of anyone having to go over the same ground again.

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    I had the same situation, CO may ask for a letter from the employer and the recent pay slips +bank statements. Nothing to worry here.

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