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Thread: CO Not replying at all?

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    Unhappy CO Not replying at all?

    Hi All,

    I am really tensed as my CO had sent me a PPI letter on 02nd March to which i had replied her with help of my advisor and my employer on 14th March 2017.
    After that it is totally quiet, even contact center says there is no update.

    However after the easter she had visited my work place and had a meetig with my Senior HR officer and even a CCM at office.
    To which my HR advisor had said they went happy , as not only me but 25 people from my office are waiting an answer from INZ regarding their SMC visa(We work as ICT Customer Support Officer).

    However after that surprise visit , my lawyer had sent an email to CO on 12th April, 20th April and even yesterday as it has been past 1.5months now and have not heard anything.

    But CO does not even acknowledges an email nor even says that"Hey i have recieved your email and i'll get back to you , atleast to let us know that she has recieved it"

    My advisor says that mostly CO they genrally reply to the emails even after a week to advise the update or atleast to acknowledge, I am not sure if CO is being rude or is not willing to reply?

    Can some one please share their experience that will be much appreciated.


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    Sorry, but I think it is very normal NOT to get a reply from a CO, if your email was just asking the state of your application. Every CO is working about 100 cases, and their job is to process applications. All the applicants want to know how things are going, but if the CO stopped and answered every email query, s/he would be using time that could be put to advancing someone's case so they would get their visa sooner. A CO doesn't usually contact an applicant unless s/he needs information or an explanation, or unless s/he has something to tell them.

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