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Thread: Non residence got citizen kid in nz

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    Default Non residence got citizen kid in nz

    Hi ,

    I have been in nz from last 6 years . I moved here when i was 17 n half. My son 3 years old and he is nz citizen my partner is nz citizen as well . I am on a essiential skills work visa from last 4 years . I have previously applied for a work visa from my partner which got approved from inz .but when i applied for pr got declined .coz me and my partner found out from immigration that she is not eligible to sponsuer me .as her ex bf had residence from her in august 2013.which her ex bf got her to sign documents saying its for his work visa .
    I know i m not eligible to apply for visa threw her till 2018 for 5 years stand down period. I have been charged for drink n drive twice .first one was im oct2012 and 2nd one in may 2017
    . Due to this i lost my job as my job was dependent on my licensce . My current essential skill visa only alow me to work in the industry where i require driving licensce for my job and i dont qualify for work licensce. I have fear that i might get deportation letter for 2nd drink drive . My current visa does not expire till 2019.if any one can suggest me a way so i can obtain a open work visa threw my partner or my son as its only 1 year left for stand down period to finish. As i cant go back home coz the work i have been doing here there is no demand of those skilld back home and i dont want to leave my son here .

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    You are in a bad situation, and I don't think there is any easy way round it. An Essential Skills work visa is only valid for one job. If you lose the job, which you say you have done because of your drink-driving, then the visa comes to an end. A5.45 d ii http://onlineservices.immigration.go...nual/43627.htm shows that, even if you had the offer of another job, you could not be granted a visa without having to apply for a character waiver (because a court could order three months' imprisonment for DUI).

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