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Thread: Bucklands Beach Intermediate or Remuera Intermediate? Help me with your opinion

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    Default Bucklands Beach Intermediate or Remuera Intermediate? Help me with your opinion



    We are like the idea of either living in the Remuera or the Bucklands Beach area and I found two Intermediate schools there that can take my child in. After some research, we liked the Intermediate school vs the Primary school option as it transitions her quite nicely to a college environment.

    In terms of living arrangements, I think we have pretty much settled on living in either the Bucklands Beach area or the Remeura area which means that I would be looking at either Bucklands Beach Intermediate or Remuera Intermediate on our shortlist.

    Does anyone have any personal opinions/experiences to share about either Bucklands Beach Intermediate or Remuera Intermediate? Looking an understanding of the general school life culture etc.

    I've found schools and people in NZ generally very helpful and friendly. I contacted both the schools - one of these schools straightaway offered and organised a school visit when we were last in Auckland in order that we could have a first impression and the other flatly refused said NO school visits. The school that said No said that we would be scheduled for a school interview with their Deputy principle only if we met their zone and other criteria which kind of left me with a bit of an unfriendly first impression. Perhaps they were being just straight forward or perhaps they have had many prospective parents apply and waste their time.

    Whilst first impressions count, I am uncertain if I should take that one encounter as a sign that - that particular school was/is not right for us - so I am reaching out to anyone with children who have had the experience of going to either of these schools to share some feedback about the general learning environment and school culture etc. Both positive and negative experiences are welcome as one of the schools mentioned isn't allowing me a visit to see for myself so I just want to confirm if my gut feel is right.

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate any honest opinions you can lend to this.

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    Sorry to respond without the information you seek, I just wanted to say hi and good luck!

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