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Thread: Question about Temporary partnership work visa

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    Default Question about Temporary partnership work visa

    I( Residency visa) am going to support my boyfriend end of this year.

    1. He just renewed his work visa this June with new police certificate and new medical certificate.
    Does he need to gain new Police certificate again when He applies end of year?

    2. We have been loving together over 3years but Haven't lived because of our country culture ( parents don't allow to live together before marriage)
    so We are going to live to in October then will sign up for marriage certificate in our country and New Zealand.
    I guess that we are applying for partnership work visa after 1~2 months live together.
    Would it be okay? ( We are trying to explain why we couldn't live together and What our plans are in the future after marry)

    3. Now We are living different city because of my studying for 4 months. Will it be effect when we apply for a visa?


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    1. No, if d here applies. https://onlineservices.immigration.g...nual/46161.htm

    2. There is no set time written in the regulations, but we know INZ take applications seriously with around 2 - 3 months' good evidence of living together. See old threads with discussion and examples of evidence.

    3. What you are doing NOW will not make any difference, because it is BEFORE you have started to live together.

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