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Thread: More Advices on Future Partnership Residence Visa Application Offshore.

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    Question More Advices on Future Partnership Residence Visa Application Offshore.

    Hi everyone , i hope you are all doing great . i will really need advices from everyone who has applied for partnership visa whether it was successful or declined . i will need you to share with me your experience PLEASE!!! if you were successful the proofs you include and if you were declined the reason you were declined and the mistake you think you made (if may be) for it to be declined . i will also need any info from anyone here who has a little knowledge about this not just successful or declined ones. thanks .
    so here is my story ,i am a Nigerian living in brazil. i met my wife online on a dating site march 2015 and after few months we started getting along we text and talk everyday and then we first met on december 28 2015. within this period before we met i tried severally like twice to visit her and was declined . the whole family knows about our relationship and b4 she arrived to brazil i told my mother inlaw that i want to engage her daughter and she told me to go on and she actually got me my wife's ring size .(i still have the proof of the conversation). so my wife came with her friend from to nz to brazil to visit me and everything went all good and i engaged her on 31st night december 2015 . we spent more time before she travelled back on the 9th jan 2016 (the last time i had to my wife that year .) we kept on chatting throughout 2016 i do send her money through western union to buy gifts for herself and she also do send me gifts ....we planned moving to live together here in brazil but we are both good christians and we talked about marriage ...and on jan 9th 2017 she moved to brazil . we got married a month later 17th feb(her mum came from nz to brazil for the wedding , her aunty came from australia to brazil for the wedding and one of her friend came from nz to brazil too for the wedding,they all stayed in my house as i live in a 2bedroom house) . it is almost 6-7 months now that we have been living together .though people has told me to apply for partner work visa or something else because they assume i am already qualified but i dont want to rush anything as i know that nz immigration is a tough nut to crack and they are not just kind of govt bureaucracy to undermine when it comes to anything partnership visa so i am taking my time to gather as much infos that i need . i actually wants to make sure i apply when i have 12months proofs that they need but so far here are th things on my mind at the moment .

    1* Brazilian Marriage Certificate (febuary)
    2* Joint Statement account(i made my account joint april)
    3* joint Tenancy Agreement(i made it joint April,Bcs my tenancy contract expired april so i made a new 1 with her name on it so i will be providing the expired and new contratc document)
    4* conversation we had on the site we met showing the date march 9 2015.
    5* facebook conversation through out 2015 before we met in person .
    6* facebook conversation through out 2016 how we kept in contact and screenshot of video calls we had and how we planning our marriage .
    7* utility bill (internet) i put in her name on the very first month she arrived here with our house address,it comes monthly .
    8* utility bill (light) that comes on my name too in the same address.
    9* letters from 1 of nz govt dept sent to her on our same home address .
    10* receipt of western union i sent to her and the one she sent to me within 2015 and 2016 .
    11* pictures of us at home , cinema , church and where i go for sports ,wedding and engagement pictures .

    from my mother inlaw's side
    she will be here december for christmas and new year andwill stay in my house .
    1* her letter and proofs she was here for wedding and visited twice .
    2* our facebook conversation including when i asked to engage my wife and when i sent her my netflix details to watch movies .
    3* her facebook conversations with my mum .
    4* photos we took together

    from my aunty inlaw;s side(from australia)
    1* her letter and proofs she was here including photos .

    from her friend who came with her 2015
    1* her letter and proofs she was here including photos .

    from her friend who came for the wedding
    1* her letter and proofs she was here including photos .

    from my brazilian friend
    1* his letter and pictures we took together with my wife at the restaurant with his family and in cinema (various occassion) .

    by september i will apply for my south african police certificate as i lived there for 2 years and also a nigerian police certificate and by end of nov i will go for medical . so i intend applying by jan/feb bcs by then we must have lived for 12/13 months .
    please am i missing anything ... i also have more proofs of our flight from rio de janeiro to sao paulo and receipts of food stuffs we buy in the house , i let her do that on all of her name . i dont know if i am missing anything and most importantly is it true that offshore application takes longer even when i arrange all documents to be very easy to access ? i am also thinking of uploading short videos clips MAX 2min each on youtube and then create a playlist and give it a title and include that title in my letter if they can just click the title on youtube since i cant send in videos or links that are not trusted thanks.
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