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Thread: work visa renew issue!! help pls

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    Default work visa renew issue!! help pls

    hello, guys
    i have some problems with renewing my work visa

    in early 2016 year, i had applied for an essential work visa now it's about the time for me to renew my work visa. when i applied. i used an "assistant manager" to apply. but this time. i wonder if i can change my title to - importer/exporter as that's job i am actually doing and later on i will apply for PR next time. is that okay i switch to another title to renew my visa or i have stick to the old one to renew my visa? Many thanks.

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    You won't be renewing your visa - you'll be applying for a new one, and have to meet the criteria all over again. So see how the other job title and description match up.

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