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Thread: How to make my uncle to stay with me in NZ?

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    Question How to make my uncle to stay with me in NZ?

    Hi there

    I am planning to bring my grandparents and my uncle together to stay in NZ with me.
    I could apply parent resident visa for my grandparents for sure.
    However, the immigration said unfortunately my uncle was not eligible to apply under this category.
    He is already retired and unmarried
    I could not find any other visas that could let my him to stay here (hope you guys can )
    Do you have any suggestion?

    Thank you

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    He would be able to apply for a visitor visa. All other visas require the applicant to have skills and qualifications in a career that is in short supply in NZ, or else to be the live-in partner of a NZ citizen or resident.

    I notice you say you think you could get your grandparents a resident visa, but I doubt it. There is a category for sponsoring parents for residence (by an adult child who has had NZ residence for some time), but that category is currently suspended.

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