Hi Everyone,

This is the first time I know and use this forum.
I have a complicated case and really need you all's help!!!

My situation in summary:
In 2016, I finished my master from the Victoria University, and I received a work offer in June. 2017. I applied 'EOI' and 'work visa - employer assisted' at the same time, and I got the invitation from the immigration say that I am invited to apply for the residency. However, because of the money issue, I have not yet applied for the resident visa until now.

So now the issue came out:
My open work visa expired in 26th of Aug. meanwhile I was in interim visa, my employer finished the permanent contract with me in 28th of Aug.

A week later, which is now, I got my work visa - employer assisted today (1st Sept. 2017), and my employer is not able to employ me back, and my invitation from the immigration of applying for residency is still valid.

So my question is:
Whether I still can apply for the residency and the over 2000 dollars may not be wasted, or I should give up this opportunity. I mean I am still looking for a job now. I wish to find a job soon so that I can have an update with the immigration. Plus, I really want to apply for the residency, but I don't want to waste such a great amount of money.

If you could provide any of the following help, I would really appreciate!! -
1) if you can directly reply to my question and you may give a similar example to support your answer would be wonderful!

2) if you couldn't answer my question directly, you may be able to answer following: what is the process of residency?

3) Whether they will go back to check with my employer?

4) Whether they have further application or form needs to be filled up by the employer? (I only have the supplementary form from the employer)

5) what are the criteria they are looking for?

6) any other areas they are looking for?

Thank you very much!!

Really appreciated!!!