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Thread: work visa declined, next visa?

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    Default work visa declined, next visa?

    I would like to know, I have been in a relationship with my partner for 1.5 years. But we did not start living with each other since May 2017, and his work visa got declined. We originally phoned up INZ and enquired whether we can apply for a work visa under the partnership category and was told we can, as in the policy it does not stipulate how long we need to live each other. We just need to provide proof of us living together and how we support each other. Seems like this information is a bit misguided. We did exactly what INZ told us to do, but was declined.

    We provided the details:
    Joint account - 3 months of financial suppport
    rental agreement
    History of our chat conversation
    Mutual friend chat conversations
    photos or us and our friends
    email correspondence or our holiday trips- booking under both our names
    mail from our address
    support letter from our friends and family

    But seems like the officer was still not satisfied we are in genuine stable relationship with the intention endure a long term relationship.

    He is currently on a graduate job search visa. So he is now going to get his employer to help support his visa. Since he now has a declined visa, will this affect all his other work visas in the future. And what are the chances of him getting his next visa approved?

    Very worried.
    Thanks for reading this.

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    Each application is treated afresh. INZ recognize that circumstances change, and that someone who didn't meet the conditions at one time may very well meet them perfectly two months later. If he meets all the requirements (look at the Criteria tab on the INZ web page for each visa), he can get a visa.

    Because partner-sponsored visas are the ones most commonly targeted by crooks paying people to lie to get them a visa, they are specially strictly checked out by INZ. We know from experience that a partner-sponsored work visa can be gained by people with around three months' good evidence, but the evidence needs to be VERY solid - think almost overkill, with as many different ways as possible of proving that the couple were living at the same place and sharing financial and life decisions and activities, at the rate of at least one item per fortnight over that time period. Here are old threads with discussion and examples, which may help if you decide to go for any partner-sponsored visa in the future.

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