Kindly i need to have better understanding about the difference between Support officer and CO , actually i applied for myself for essential work visa , and my wife applied for a partner work visa (both applied in the same time just two weeks diffrance)
for me i have CO assigned from 24/7 till now without any response , for my wife no CO assigned but we recived email last week asking for additional document (INZ 1200) this email received from support officer while no CO assigned.

so i just want to understand the process is the support office role to check the documents before it is assigned to CO? (notice that for me i submitted online , but for my wife i submitted in paper) but both of use is located now in the same location India office.

also kindly i want to understand, do the CO deal with each case separately or he might cross checking both application before approving one of them? notice that when i call immigration office in Auckland i found that our applications is linked together in the system.

thanks for explanation and advice.